FRP Structures, Platforms & Walkways

– unique and weight-saving

Structures, platforms & walkways

MSS can deliver a wide variety of structures, platforms & walkways to meet specific customer needs and maintaining compliance with associated design codes. These may range from straightforward low level platforms providing maintenance access right through to multi level mobile stair towers or complex circular walkways. Structures can be delivered flat packed for Field assembly or as fully completed assemblies that just need to be located into their final positions and are ready for use.

By utilizing both moulded and pultruded structural profiles, we offer a bespoke design service to provide a solution to your requirements. Our partner Pipex px® have vast experience in producing innovative solutions to walkway and access design with the backing of Strongwell®, a world leader in the manufacture of construction pultruded FRP profiles.

The FRP Phenolic products are ideal for extreme environments offering high corrosion resistance, structural integrity and requiring minimal maintenance. FRP is also very light weight so offers huge benefits on Topside applications where overall load, balance and platform centre of gravity are so critical.

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