Dropped Object Prevention

Designed to combat one of the most common causes of work related injuries/fatalities – being hit by a falling object.

The barricading is a safety mesh system developed by the Australian company BLH Safety Solutions™ and is made of recyclable fire resistant composite material.

Barricading is very easy and quick to install on railings, ladders, scaffolding and all types of access platforms etc. This is a perfect match to MSS existing product portfolio, which consists of access solutions in fire resistant composite such as gratings, railings and complete access platforms. We can now offer even more complete solutions, says Business Development Director of MSS Morten Alstadsaether. And, we see great synergies within the category of innovative maintenance-free lightweight solutions, which are of great importance for the offshore industry, adds Managing Director of MSS Kjetil Jacobsen.

Dropped objects are one of the most common causes of work-related incidents on the Norwegian continental shelf. More than 60% of all incidents within the oil and gas industry with serious to fatal potential, are caused by falling objects, says CEO of BLH-DOM Integrity Solutions Harald Myklebust, who has almost 40 years’ experience within HSE area. Business Development Manager Klaus Myklebust is very pleased to have entered into this agreement with MSS, which now is responsible for the Norwegian market. He further reveals that they now have distributor and partner agreements for a total of 19 countries.