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Offshore Solutions - MSS
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Heavy experience – lightweight solutions

MSS is an innovative provider of weight-saving modules and access & safety solutions.

The Advantages of FRP.

See why building with Pultruded Fiberglass wins out against other materials.

Corrosion Resistance

Resistant to a broad range of chemicals including fresh water and salt water. Will not rust like metal or rot like wood.

Easy Installation

Can be field fabricated using simple carpenter tools and is easily lifted into place during installation.


Low electrical and thermal conductivity properties and high dielectric capability.

Maintenance Free

Tough, durable and impact resistance. Will not dent and deform like metal. Resists rot and corrosion eliminating the need for constant maintenance.

EMI & RFI Transparency

Transparent to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Certified for use in RF transparent screening and enclosure systems.

High Strength

Very high strength-to-weight ratio compared to metals, wood, and concrete.


Pultruded fiberglass shapes generally weigh 75-80% less than similar steel shapes and 30% less than similar aluminum shapes.


Pultrusions can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes. Multiple types of resin and forms of reinforcements are available.

The solutions and systems we provide are future-orientated, environmentally friendly, tailor-made to suit our clients needs and based on the best technology available.


Sqm. FRP Grating


ton in weight savings




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