Grating Fastening Solutions

MSS will aid in selecting the correct fastening system and tooling from HILTI® for our line of FRP products.


Dropsafe Matting Elevating Workplace Safety with Certified Slip-Resistant Solutions Introducing the Dropsafe Matting – a PVC-certified, slip-resistant drops prevention system meticulously designed for walkways and flooring on worksites. With a commitment to enhancing workplace safety, this matting system provides reliable slip and fall prevention, catering to a wide range of industries.   How the Dropsafe […]

GUIDE: Dropped Object Prevention

The Complete Guide to Dropped Object Prevention: Ensuring Onsite Safety At MSS, we are dedicated to offering top-tier dropped object prevention solutions while educating companies and individuals on the hazards of dropped objects. Understanding the risks associated with objects and handheld items at height is the first step towards mitigating these dangers and safeguarding your […]

Helideck Perimeter Safety Net

Dropsafe Helideck Perimeter Safety Net: Exceeding Global Helideck Safety Stanadards for Helidecks Description Introducing the Dropsafe Perimeter Safety Net, a vital safety solution that attaches to the existing outer frame of helidecks, preventing potential falls of equipment and personnel. Engineered from marine-grade stainless steel, this high-quality net offers a service life of 10+ years, making […]

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions Description Working directly with the Oil & Gas, Renewables, Mining, Marine and Power industries to develop custom solutions for the prevention of Dropped Objects. Industries: Oil & Gas, Mining, Renewables, Industrial, Power, Marine How They Work Working directly with asset owners, site managers, and Health and Safety decision makers, Dropsafe develops custom solutions for mitigating the risk of Dropped […]


Dropsafe Accessories Description Dropsafe Accessories, such as the Dropsafe Padlock, provide application-specific solutions to reduce the threat posed by Dropped Objects. Industries: Oil & Gas, Mining, Renewables, Industrial, Power, Marine How Dropsafe Accessories Work Dropsafe manufactures a variety of dropped and falling object prevention accessories to complement our core product range. All Dropsafe Accessories have been designed for use in harsh environments using the […]


Dropsafe Barricade Description The Dropsafe Barricade is a fully customisable chain barricade system for the health and safety of employees in high risk work environments. Industries: Oil & Gas, Mining, Renewables, Industrial, Power, Marine How the Dropsafe Barricade works The chain Barricade is designed to allow for modular use as lengths and sections can be fully customised making the system quick and easy […]


Dropsafe Pouch Description The Dropsafe Pouch is a safety device designed to securely enclose and tether handheld items used while working at height. Industries: Oil & Gas, Mining, Renewables, Industrial, Power, Marine How the Dropsafe Pouch Works When work is being undertaken at height, there is a risk of equipment such as two-way radios, portable gas detectors, aerosol spray cans, multimeters as […]


Dropsafe® Net Description Introducing the New Dropsafe Nets, the pinnacle of dropped object prevention in hazardous environments. Widely adopted and trusted, Dropsafe Nets have been the go-to safety solution for securely enclosing and tethering overhead fixtures, preventing any dropped or falling objects. Now, with the latest enhancements, Dropsafe Nets have reached new heights in safety, […]